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By Jacki Billings

The All-Terrain Bipods allow shooters to setup in a myriad of locations to take down game. (Photo: Swagger)
Swagger Bipods’ All Terrain-Bipods give hunters a leg-up, allowing shooters to setup tree stands, blinds or on the ground in an array of rugged terrain.
Swagger says that while traditional bipods afford shooters stability on the hunt, their rigid design often prevents hunters from quickly getting on target or even staying on target.
The All-Terrain Bipods, meanwhile, utilize Crazy Legs Technology that gives Swagger bipods legs that flex and move as hunters shift point of aim. The Crazy Legs springs offer support while responding to pressure, permitting the crosshairs to remain steady despite shooters adjustments to game movement. The Crazy Legs system also allows the legs to hyper-extend to adapt to multiple shooting positions, including prone, kneeling and standing.
Swagger currently offers a couple of models to fit different hunting styles. The Field Model pairs well with Western hunters while the Treestand/Blind version adapts to the challenges of hunting from treestands, blinds or any enclosure with an elevated window. The Field Model adjusts from 6 3/4-inches to 29-inches while the Treestand/Blind Model features a range of 9 3/4-inches to 41 1/4-inches.
Both models attach solidly to guns


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