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By Jenn Jacques


Authorities in Palmetto, Florida say 25-year old Devin Chandler walked into the Snappy Kwick Store on 17th Street West early Monday morning and gunned down store employees and brothers Khasem Yosuef, 23, and Faares Yousef, 17. Surveillance video shows Chandler entering the store, picking up a few items, and proceeding to the counter where he shot the young men execution style before fleeing the scene. He is still on the run and may be driving a blue 2000-2005 blue Chevrolet Impala.

The brothers are not usual employees of the store, but were filling in as a favor to their father who owns the establishment so that store employees could have the Labor Day holiday off. ‘I feel really bad. I saw them yesterday in Tampa. I just can’t believe that,’ the brothers’ cousin Omar Suleiman told WFLA in a highly emotional interview on Monday. ‘They don’t work here usually, but they worked here today.’

“The individual went into the store. The two employees who were killed were at the front counter. He just point-blank walked up and shot them, just shot them in the head,” says Chief Scott Tyler who also confirmed they were able to identify …read more

Source:: Bearing Arms

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