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As the modern tourniquet establishes its rightful position as the gold standard of pre-​hospital bleeding control, manufacturers race to establish a foothold as “the” go-​to unit. There are some great items on the market that, when needed, can drastically change the outcome of an otherwise fatal event. For little impact on your wallet, you can save lives, possibly your own. But take note, not all tourniquets are created equal.

I recently had an exchange with an individual on the topic of building your personal medical kit. This is a vitally important dialogue for anyone interested in proactively managing the emergent situation. When the topic of tourniquets came up, this person who has no trauma management training or experience, boldly stated, “The ABC tourniquet is the best tourniquet on the market.” I was somewhat surprised by the proclamation and had to ask him what experience he was basing this upon. The short version of the story sounded like a well-​articulated argument of a 14-​year-​old girl. “A friend of mine knows a (insert impressive credential here) that said so.”

One-​handed application of C-​A-​T. For the arm, the strap is fed through only one slit of the buckle.

One-​handed application of C-​A-​T. …Read the Rest

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