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The 22BR cartridge is viewed by many as primarily a varmint round. However, with modern, high-BC bullets, it offers excellent long-range performance. With high-BC 80-95gr .22 caliber bullets, the 22BR can excel in a variety of shooting disciplines. Here we feature the Tubb 2000 rifle of Clint Greenwood. Clint did his load testing with the 90gr JLK (Jimmy Knox) VLDs, but now the new Sierras promise to rival the performance of the JLKs with readily-available factory bullets. That’s good news for long-range shooters since we’re told Jimmy is retiring from the bullet-making business.
A ‘New Twist’ on the Tubb 2000
A few seasons back, Texan Clint Greenwood let us know about a 22BR project he had in the works. We were intrigued by the potential of 90gr bullets in this cartridge. Clint reports: “I got involved with the 22BR after working with its parent case, the 6mm BR Norma. I became interested in the 6BR about three years ago. I had read everything I could find concerning the 6BR, particularly several of Larry Bartholome’s Precision Shooting articles. I was convinced that I just had to have a 6BR, so I took a Rem 700 short action that I had and sent it

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