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For today’s Sunday GunDay we present the merger of artistry and gunsmithing with a selection of elaborately-engraved rifles. These rigs are impressive to say the least. There are hunting rifles as you’d expect, but we even include a one-of-a-kind benchrest rifle with engraved action.
Amazing Double-Barreled Safari Bolt Guns
Here are some of beautifully-engraved safari rifles from Fuchs Fine Guns of Austria. These rifles feature a unique Double-barrel Bolt Action receiver, which is quite unique. Along with stunning wood stocks, the Fuchs rifles boast extensive detailed engraving with gold and jewelled highlights.

On this Fuchs .416 Rem Mag double-barrel rifle, the pistol grip contains a tiger’s eye gemstone set in silver. White gold is used for the tiger’s paws, symbolizing the beast’s formidable strength. The tiger’s paws on the pistol grip cap are surrounded by blue sapphires.

This DBR 48 Fuchs rifle with Celtic-themed engraving is chambered for the .470 Capstick caliber, the largest cartridge Fuchs offers. This rifle’s internal magazine offers a six-shot capacity. This DBR 48 was decorated in a Celtic motif. The bolt handle ends in a ball made of solid sterling silver. The magazine cover displays the Celtic boat symbol which stands for prosperity, wealth and power.
Benchrest Rifle with Engraved

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