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The Beretta BRX1 is a modern rifle with some unique properties. It is a fast-cycling “straight-pull” rifle with the ability to quickly change the bolt position from right side to left side. It uses a rotating multi-lug bolt, similar to what you’ll find on AR-platform rifles. The closing system employs an 8-lug bolt (or 16-lug for magnums). Currently, three chamberings are offered in the USA: .308 Win, .300 Win Mag, and .30-06 Springfield. And there are also some previous production models in 6.5 Creedmoor. Multiple barrel lengths are offered: 20.1″, 22.4″, 24.4″ (51, 57, 62 cm). Barrel and chamber are cold-hammer forged together from a single steel piece. The trigger can be adjusted to three pull weights from 2.1 pounds (950 grams) to 3.3 pounds (1500 grams). CLICK HERE for factory specifications and more information.
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Accuracy has been good by hunting rifle standards. Beretta offers a 3-shot, sub-MOA Guarantee for the BRX1, stating that “the accuracy certificate for each firearm is available online”. Testers have confirmed that this rifle should be capable of putting three shots in about 1″ at 100 yards.

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