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Detail from Doan Trevor rimfire prone stock (Fiddleback Walnut) with Stiller 2500 X Action.
New Mexico Gunsmith Doan Trever is a true wizard with wood. At Doan Trevor Custom Rifle Building, he crafts stunning figured wood stocks, and also builds complete wood-stocked and fiberglass-stocked rifles that shoot as good as they look. Doan is a true master, with a mind for function and an eye for beauty. The ability to hand-craft wood is becoming a lost art. For this Sunday, we celebrate four projects crafted by Doan: two complete rifle, a special F-Class stock built for multiple actions, and an F-TR stock for a Sako action. Visit to view find dozens of other stunning stocks and complete rifles.
Mausingfield America Rifle with English Walnut Stock
Doan told us: “This is a highly figured piece of English Walnut with burls and flowers. Along the bottom of the stock there’s a burl/flower that looks like an owl and one side looks like the Sandia Mountains. This rifle is in 30 PCR. Doan adds: “The owner is enjoying this rifle immensely.”

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Walther KK500 (Twin Trigger), English Walnut Laminate Stock with Fiddleback Accents
About this unique rig Doan notes: “This left-handed rifle has two triggers.

Source: Accurate Shooter

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