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The Southwest Nationals (SWN) is right around the corner. Hosted by the Desert Sharpshooters Rifle Club at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility outside Phoenix, the 2024 SWN takes place February 14-18, 2024. One of the major F-Class matches of the year, the SWN will feature top F-Open and F-TR rifles. And many of those F-Open rigs will be running McMillan stocks. Today’s Sunday GunDay story is about the most sophisticated F-Open stock in McMillan’s line-up, the Kestros ZR.
Kestros ZR Stock — Impressive Design for Competition
Review by F-Class John
Walk the line at just about any rifle competition and you’ll see your share of McMillan stocks. Known for crafting high-quality fiberglass/composite stocks, McMillan has long been at top choice for competitive shooters, hunters, and tactical marksmen. McMillan’s latest top-of-the-line F-Open stock is the impressive Kestros ZR which features an extended front bag-riding Z-Rail. McMillan notes that the ZR’s “extended rail system, which extends the fore-end of the stock, provides all the benefits of the rails on the Kestros R stock while also lowering the center of gravity.” In addition, “the bottom of the buttstock is perfectly parallel to the rail with a 5/8″ flat for improved performance in a rear sandbag.”
The Kestros

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