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For today’s Sunday GunDay story, we feature highlights from two in-depth reports on rifles built around the relatively new 6GT cartridge (also known as the “6mm GT”). Developed by George Gardner (G.A. Precision) and Tom Jacobs (Vapor Trail), the 6GT was designed to feed well from magazines, be more efficient than the 6mm Creedmoor, and offer outstanding accuracy. It is just enough bigger than the 6mmBR or 6 Dasher so it feeds better. But it retains many of the qualities of the 6mmBR (high efficiency and outstanding accuracy). Burning significantly less powder than the 6mm Creedmoor, the 6GT is a bit less expensive to shoot, and should, theoretically at least, deliver better barrel life.
“The [6GT] is a more predictable and barrel-friendly cartridge than the 6mm Creedmoor. It can utilize the accurate and forgiving powders of the 6BR, has fantastic accuracy, and due to its shoulder angle and case length, it doesn’t suffer from feeding issues.” —
We should say that the 6 Dasher has been used very successfully in PRS/NRL competition, with some aftermarket magazine accessories. For this reason, if you already shoot a 6 Dasher, moving to a 6GT may not be worth the cost of new dies and

Source: Accurate Shooter

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