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By Ammoland

M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
M249 Squad Automatic Weapon

USA – -( When the SHTF, Reach for the SAW!

M249 Squad Automatic Weapon

I want to talk about my right-hand “man” while I was overseas: the M249 SAW. I deployed to Afghanistan for a year, 2012 to 2013. In that year, I developed a relationship with the M249 that redefined security for me. In June 2013, my scout truck was hit by a complex ambush, initiated with an IED. While the truck sat limp and the rest of the convoy was half a click back, we had no choice but to unleash hell as 7.62 pinged off the truck’s up-armored plating.”

“I’ll never forget that SAW, humming like a sewing machine without skipping a beat, plastering the side of a ridge with 750 RPM while we got the truck mobile again. When the s*** hits the fan, it’s just you and your equipment. I understand that it’s not my personal firearm, but that U.S. Army issued SAW is the reason I’m able to share this story today. [Bruce, few firearms have deserved to be in SGD as much as your SAW. God bless you! – The Editor.]

– Bruce M. Featured Customer

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