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By Robert Farago

“Before this film is over … 22 people in America will be shot.” That’s how Katie Couric’s documentary Under the Gun begins, according to Context? Katie don’t need no stinking context! The fact that most of these firearms-related incidents are suicides and most of the rest are gang-related (in urban areas with “strict” gun control) is neither here nor there. Is it in Ms. Couric’s anti-gun agitprop? As if. What we get is . . .

bloody shirt waving and NRA vilification. Judging from the article and the filmmakers’ interview above, it’s suffused with the same old “The NRA doesn’t really represent gun owners” divide and conquer meme sold by the civilian disarmament industrial complex. Only it’s not quite as complex here. Like this:

From a policy point of view, I think one of the most surprising things was that there’s so many people who are in the NRA whose views are not represented by the NRA’s leadership, and it made me very optimistic that there’s a lot of common ground that we don’t hear about in the debate, that we really rarely hear about in the current …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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