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By gunwriter As much as some tactards would have us believe, self-defense is not an all or nothing proposition. The notion that you have to train daily, adhere to some strict doctrine, carry only certain firearms, ammo, and gear, and support your carry with multiple extra magazines, pepper spray, a striking instrument and a blade sharp enough to shave the abominable snowman is not just ludicrous, its paranoia at the highest level. Based on the ravings of some so-called professionals, your failure to do all of the above means your only option is to hire them and their band of merry men as body guards, because you are inept. Alternatively, you can take their one-week shooting course and be just like them…tactical pants, tattoos, ball cap, and beard. Self-defense is more of a mindset than a representation of equipment. In a life or death situation your will to fight, win, and never give up will account for more than all the gear you can carry. Additionally, your alertness and adherence to the Principles of Personal Defense, as presented by Jeff Cooper, is the primary key to your survival. Mindset is the only all or nothing element of personal protection. For those with …Read the Rest

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