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By James Rummel

One of the things I always tell my students is that hand-to-hand self defense options require a high level of physical fitness.

The race may not be won by the swift, nor the fight by the strong, but that is the way to bet.

The best way to think of a hand-to-hand conflict where weapons are not present is that it is an energy exchange. The aggressor is trying to force the victim to submit by dumping kinetic energy in to his target. He does this by punching and kicking the victim. The victim is trying to either resist the attack by throwing their own punches and kicks, or by running away.

The person who is larger and stronger has the decided advantage, not only because their attacks will have more kinetic energy but also because their bodies will have more mass to absorb the blows of their opponent.

Learning a martial art is useful, but only up to a point.

All practical martial arts will provide a framework to make your blows more efficient, as well as encourage vigorous work outs to improve fitness levels. They are operating systems for self defense, as it were, and I encouraged all …Read the Rest

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