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By Michael Csencsits

Congress Planning Vote to Block the Pistol Brace Ban Next Week
“I want to thank Gun Owners of America, who has worked [closely] with Rep. Clyde throughout this whole process on this resolution to get it where it is. Without GOA and Rep. Clyde, this [vote] doesn’t happen. Let’s be honest.” – Jared of Guns & Gadgets, June 7, 2023
I know that we’ve been asking a lot from you lately, but I’m so grateful for all you’ve done.
Our bill sponsor Andrew Clyde has announced that the House of Representatives finally plans to vote on his resolution (H.J. Res. 44) to repeal Biden’s pistol ban next week.
Your help has been critical to making this happen. The calls … the emails … and yes, even the coalition letters.
To that end, I want to thank all the veterans who stepped forward and signed their names on our 2A veterans’ coalition letter this week. When I personally told the House leadership we got over 6,000 names, they were absolutely stunned!
Bottom line: It’s because of the hard work of ALL GOA members and activists that we will be getting a vote in the House of Representatives.
As you can see above, Jared of the Guns & Gadgets

Source: Gun Owners of America

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