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By Lee Williams

Ariana Ptarcinski, left, was fatally stabbed on Christmas Eve 2021 shortly after this photo was taken. Her boyfriend, Ramon Durst, right, was never questioned by investigators. Hernando County, Florida officials have not made an arrest in the case. (Photo Courtesy Ptarcinski Family.)by Lee WilliamsDespite what the media wants you to believe, not all murders are committed with firearms. Knives and what the FBI considers “cutting instruments” are used in roughly 10-percent of all killings. And there are no background checks on knives.Murders involving firearms usually draw far more attention and scrutiny from the legacy media, since a gun death always fits their narrative. Reporters fixate on the firearm itself and whether it was an “assault weapon” or had a standard-capacity magazine. The media thoroughly investigates where the firearm was purchased, whether the suspect could legally possess it, and whether they belonged to any political groups.Had Ariana Ptarcinski’s death involved a firearm rather than a knife on Christmas Eve 2021, maybe her killing would have received more scrutiny. It sure could have used some. Investigators and prosecutors never examined one critical piece of evidence. If they had, they would likely have made an arrest. As a result, the 18-year-old’s stabbing death

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