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By Gregory Smith

Dear Scuba Divers, the rules of gun safety also apply to spear guns. Keep your finger off the trigger.

A Florida diver blasted his friend with a spear gun in a horrific underwater accident, authorities said.

The errant arrow nailed 21-year-old Jarrod Ditmars in the head, critically wounding him on Saturday, according to Sarasota police.

Ditmars and buddy Dale Bartush, 24, were spear fishing under a bridge near the Sarasota Yacht Club when Bartush mistakenly fired his gun, cops said.

The bumbling fisherman quickly grabbed his friend and hauled him to the surface where he yelled for help.

Ditmars was rushed to Sarasota Memorial Hospital. He was still fighting for his life on Sunday in the hospital’s intensive care unit, authorities said.

Bartush probably won’t be charged, because he didn’t mean to shoot his friend, police said.

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