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By Richard Venola


In the 1992 movie Last of the Mohicans, the main character is about to provide covering fire for a courier leaving besieged Ft. William Henry. “Silk!” he says, savoring a swath of patch cloth in his hand. “It will give us another 30 yards.” True or not, it invites the viewer into that special world of period muzzleloaders, where every shooter becomes his own tiny ammunition factory and ballistic scientist. It is impossible to separate history from replica firearms, and part of the charm is the sense of nostalgia they generate. Traditions is importing affordable replicas from the north of Spain so that folks curious about getting into the fun of black powder can do so without the potentially hazardous chore of telling the wife that the new carpet will have to wait until next year.


The Pennsylvania rifle will put you in Natty Bumppo’s moccasins there on the fort wall. It’s a classic 18th century long rifle with all the features: elaborate patchbox, wooden ramrod, stock embellishments and a superb set trigger. Getting used to all the variables involved, I’d recommend finding an experienced shooter and getting hands-on instruction. The next-best thing would be to actually read the instruction …Read the Rest

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