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By James England

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA — South Carolinians with a Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) can now step foot into an alcohol serving establishment with their concealed handgun. They cannot, however, drink and carry. This new bill was signed into law by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and it comes with a stern reminder.

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This is not a guns in bars bill, it was never a guns in bars bill. It is illegal to carry and consume alcohol. It was yesterday, it will be tomorrow,” said Governor Haley.

So, what’s the purpose of allowing concealed carriers in bars then? Easy — an added measure of security and the ability to keep a designated battle buddy.

We have designated drivers, we have all sorts of people who keep a clear head for the times we can’t or won’t and self-defense shouldn’t be any different.

This isn’t a measure to turn a Friday night drink into a Friday night drink and carry. This bill does give us the ability to legally defend ourselves and our family. We should put it to good use.

As we’ve found out from the Orlando shooting, soft targets are all the rage for bad guys looking for a body count. A …Read the Rest

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