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By Jennifer Cruz

Xavier Houston, 24, was killed after he broke into a Jacksonville, Florida, home this week. (Photo: Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office)
A 24-year-old Florida man was shot and killed after he broke into a Jacksonville home Wednesday morning, while his accomplice remains at large.
The day after the deadly break-in, local media learned the deceased suspect, Xavier Houston, was the son of an officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.
“Sometimes, people think that you’re the son or daughter of a police officer and you’re walking the straight and narrow all the time — or a judge, or a teacher,” crime analyst Gil Smith told reporters. “That’s not the case. They’re regular folks, just like anyone else.”
Authorities say Houston and another person broke into the home shortly before noon. The homeowner, whose identity has not been made public, was alerted to the break-in by an alarm company, while law enforcement was simultaneously called to the home. The homeowner, however, arrived before the police and confronted Houston and the second suspect inside his home.
During the confrontation, the homeowner opened fire, striking Houston, who then stumbled outside to his parked car in an apparent attempt to leave the scene. However, Houston died inside the car, which was still


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