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By Ammoland

Feral Hog Hairball And Shotgun Shell

By Dave Edwards

Feral Hog Hairballs
Quality Deer Management Association
Quality Deer Management Association


Feral Hog Hairball And Shotgun Shell : A hunting guide found this hairball in the woods near a wetland at Cabin Bluff. A second hairball (shown at the top of this article) was found inside a road-killed alligator a few weeks later.

Knowing the source of the second hairball, I did a little research and found that bezoars are common in crocodilians. The digestive enzymes in an alligator’s stomach are particularly strong, and most bones and flesh are rapidly digested. On the other hand, hair and other keratinous substances like hooves and turtle shells are broken down very slowly. Hair sometimes accumulates in balls in the stomach and may later be regurgitated. The one Jody found near the wetland must have been regurgitated by an alligator.

One of the things I love most about being a wildlife biologist and getting to spend so much time in the woods is that nature is fascinating. It never stops amazing me, and there’s always more to learn. You must admit that a feral-hog hairball from an alligator’s stomach is a unique addition to anyone’s …Read the Rest

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