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With the skyrocketing prices of ammo, more shooters than ever are hand-loading pistol and rifle ammunition. But many novice reloaders tell us that it’s a bit overwhelming in the beginning. Just learning all the technical terms (e.g. ogive, meplat, ballistic coefficient, load density etc.) is difficult, and the task of selecting the right tools and gear can be daunting.
The first thing a new reloader should do is find an experienced reloading mentor. One can learn the basics much more quickly under the guidance of an experienced hand-loader who “knows the ropes”. We also recommend that newbies acquire a good basic reloading handbook — not just a list of load recipes, but a book that explains the processes.
One of the best handbooks available is The ABCs of Reloading (10th Edition, 2021) by Philip Massaro. Released in March 2021, this reference contains 288 pages with hundreds of BW photos. The latest 10th Edition is available from Gun Digest Store for $24.99 (or $22.99 for PDF Digital Book). You can also purchase from for just $17.54.

Since the first edition was published in the 1970s, the ABCs of Reloading series has taught countless firearms owners safe/reliable methods for creating their own ammunition. ABCs

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