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American Clandestine Equipment SMG9-SC suppressor attached

American Clandestine Equipment SMG9-SC suppressor left angle
American Clandestine Equipment SMG9-SC suppressor left profile

American Clandestine Equipment has launched its new SMG9-SC suppressor designed for use with the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1/A1.

Precision machined from 7075-T651 aluminum, the SMG9-SC features 12 clipped ported baffle cones and a large internal volume that offers up a sound reduction of 32.5 decibels. According to the product listing, the baffle design minimizes zero point shift to less than 2 MOA and the first round pop is completely eliminated.

The SMG9-SC weighs in at 10.75 ounces, measures 8.75 inches in total length and has a 1.605-inch diameter. The can is also full auto rated to 90 rounds while also being 9mm+P capable. Meanwhile, an adjustable 1/2-28 threaded mount made specifically for the CZ Scorpion uses the stock compensator catch “providing a rigid mount that prevents loosening of the suppressor during movement or when firing,” the company says. The mount indexes …Read the Rest

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