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While focuses on precision rifle shooting and competitive disciplines such as benchrest and F-Class — we know there is more to life than competition. We think it’s important to balance the challenges of competition with plain old fun shooting now and then. In fact, probably 95% of rifle shooting is done for fun at targets inside 200 yards. Shooting at targets just for fun is actually very engaging and enjoyable. Here are six targets that offer an entertaining challenge for a fun day at the range with friends.
Here are SIX FUN Targets for your next range trip.
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Aim for the four outer bullseyes, then go for the center bull. The colored darts provide additional targets. With an accurate rifle you can also aim for the colored stripes.
Bingo Card

Shoot the six small bullseyes, top to bottom, to record a BINGO on this target. You can then shoot the numbers in sequence, starting with “4” in the third row, moving to “7” in the second row and so on.
Billiards Ball Rack

There are many options with this Billiards target. Aim for the numbers, 1-15, working from top to bottom. Or shoot the stripes, then shoot the

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