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SIG Guns Weapons Contract

Silver Shadow recently announced that the company is manufacturing and shipping the long-awaited double-barreled DBR Snake in .223 Rem. Several videos and promotions about the unique AR-style platform caused much curiosity over the last few years, and now the rifles are being produced in the U.S.


Army Contracting Command Awards Massive Weapons Contract to SIG

Gilboa DBR Snake Features

While the rifle looks unique, Silver Shadow claims the Gilboa DBR Snake features 100-percent commonality with traditional AR-15s. Moreover, the company utilizes CNC machining processes and state-of-the-art equipment to produce an improved chassis, according to Silver Shadow.

“It’s a fun gun to shoot, almost no one has it, it looks bad-ass and everybody at the range will want to try it,” said Micky Shoham, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Silver Shadow. “It also never jams as there are two separate systems.”

Various distributors and dealers will carry the rife. Further, the next batch is expected to ship sometime in February, according to Silver Shadow.

The company also announced recently that it would be displaying product again this year at the upcoming SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

“We’re excited to be back at the Show, displaying our new Gilboa rifles and especially …Read the Rest

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