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By David LaPell

.410 cartridge adapter for shotguns with Ithaca Model 66. Works great in break action single shot weapons as well as pump models and retails for $30. (Photo: David LaPell)
The shotgun is perhaps the most universal and practical weapon in the history of mankind as we know it. No other handheld firearm can be so versatile. With one shotgun, a person can hunt all manner of small game, even big game, and if need be, use it handily for personal defense. It almost seems like firearms Utopia. But it can be even better.
Cartridge adapters are nothing new; they have been around for decades. My first was years ago when I had a vintage Winchester Arms Company made version that allowed me to fire .32 S&W rounds out of my .30-30. As handy as that was, I found that those meant to be used in shotguns are much more useful.
Today several companies make cartridge adapters for shotguns, but I ended up choosing two from Yes, that is the name of the company. They are made in the United States, in Leroy, Michigan. I bought them to go with my Ithaca 66 Super Single 12 gauge single barrel shotgun. The adapters will


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