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SHOT Show is one of the biggest trade shows of the year among ALL industries. This year there are thousands of exhibitors spread out over two exhibit halls the combined size of 14 football fields! Thankfully a number of YouTubers have been working hard, finding interesting new products in the miles of aisles. Today we feature some notable videos from SHOT Show 2023. The first video in our showcase comes from Backfire, a popular gun-centric YouTube Channel with over 600,000 subscribers. This video spotlights 36 new rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Keep scrolling to view a dozen other videos highlighting a wide variety of new firearms as well as the all-new Mark 7 GENESYS progressive press.
36 New Guns at SHOT Show 2023

You’ll need some patience to get through this entire 17-minute Backfire Channel video, but it’s worth it. The hosts cover three dozen different firearms from multiple manufacturers. There are tactical rifles, hunting rifles, modern sporting rifles, plus a wide selection of new-for-2023 handguns from major manufacturers including S&W, Beretta, and Canik.
New Bolt-Action Rifle from Stag Arms

Stag Arms, a major producer of AR-type rifles, surprised SHOT Show attendees with an all-new, bolt action rifle, the Pursuit Line Bolt Gun. This rifle

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