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The NRA’s Shooting Sports USA magazine covers a wide spectrum of competitive shooting sports: F-Class, High Power, Palma, Shotgun (Trap/Skeet), Air Rifle 3P/Prone, Rimfire 3P/Prone, Target Pistol, and major Action Pistol events. Each month Shooting Sports USA releases a new issue with reports on major competitions for a wide range of disciplines. Along with the print magazines, the leading stories are posted on the websites. In addition, every month the full magazine is released in digital format.
Shooting Sports USA recently released a web-based article featuring its twelve 2023 cover stories.
CLICK HERE to see all 12 Shooting Sports USA 2023 cover stories.
Below are four of our favorite Shooting Sports USA cover stories from 2023. Click each cover to read the full story via the Shooting Sports USA digital archive. Note, if this is your first visit, you will first see an NRA webpage requesting that you verify your age before reading the stories.

Sighting In New Shooters and Eye Dominance
March 2023, photo by John Parker. READ the cover story by Field Editor Chris Christian.

2023 F-Class World Championships in South Africa
June 2023, photo by U.S. F-Open Team. READ the cover story by John Parker.

2023 NRA National Matches and 2024 NRA World Shooting

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