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The NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) has announced that firearm and ammunition manufacturers topped $16.1 billion in excise tax contributions to the Wildlife Restoration Trust Fund since its inception in 1937. When adjusted for inflation, the total is more than $25 billion. The latest Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax (FAET) Collection report released by the Department of the Treasury, covering the 4th Quarter Calendar Year 2022, indicates that firearm and ammunition manufacturers contributed more than $235 million, the third-highest fourth calendar-quarter in history.
The notable $16.1 billion in overall Firearm and Ammunition Excise Tax contributions represents more than $1 billion contributed to conservation since crossing the $15 billion threshold just 12 months ago.
These 10-11% excise tax dollars collected since 1937 under the Pittman-Robertson Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act are specifically designated to be used by state wildlife agencies for conservation and related purposes. Collectively, purchasers of firearms and ammunition, hunters, and the firearms industry represent the greatest source of wildlife conservation funding.

NSSF President and CEO Joe Bartozzi stated: “The firearm and ammunition industry understands [that] wildlife and the habitats in which they thrive are invaluable. They are critical to future generations taking part in hunting and the recreational shooting sports

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