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If you are planning to shoot a PRS match with factory ammo or use factory ammo when hunting, you should definitely check the ammo velocity in YOUR rifle. Otherwise your ballistics come-up tables could be all wrong. It’s not uncommon to find that the actual velocity in YOUR gun is NOT the same as the listed velocity on the ammunition package. We explain why in today’s article…
Why You CANNOT Rely on the MV Printed on the Ammo Box!
When figuring out your come-ups with a ballistics solver or drop chart it’s “mission critical” to have an accurate muzzle velocity (MV). When shooting factory ammo, it’s tempting to use the manufacturer-provided MV which may be printed on the package. That’s not such a great idea says Bryan Litz of Applied Ballistics. Don’t rely on the MV on the box, Bryan advises — you should take out your chrono and run your own velocity tests. There are a number of reasons why the MV values on ammo packaging may be inaccurate. Below is a discussion of factory ammo MV from the Applied Ballistics Facebook Page.
Five Reasons You Cannot Trust the Velocity on a Box of Ammo:
1. You have no idea about the rifle

Source: Accurate Shooter

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