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By Mark Walters

Maryland Newspaper Shooting


Shooting Coverage Plus Bad Journalism Equals Fake News, Never Believe

USA – -( I supposed it’s just another reminder of the state of mainstream media in this country today. The cynicism with which I approach anything that I hear, read or watch when it comes to any form of “news” story is based on many years of being an amateur media critic. Yesterday proved me right, again.

When I initially caught the breaking news of an “active shooter” in a Maryland newspaper headquarters, like anything else I’ve been trained to do, I reacted as I have been trained to react when “news” breaks, with a healthy dose of skepticism. That becomes even more important if the story has anything, and I mean anything to do with an “active” shooter or mass shooting story. The early reports, regardless of the source, are nearly always wrong.

Here’s my standard protocol;

I watch the report with the understanding that what I am watching and hearing is inaccurate and I pay no attention to a “news” anchor in an NYC studio relaying information he/she is getting from someone who hasn’t yet arrived at the scene. I’ll watch for the real takeaways such as where the …Read the Rest

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