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By Scott Gara

I think I’ve watched James Cameron’s Aliens well over 100 times in my life. When I was a kid I couldn’t get enough of the movie and by far one my favorites characters was Vasquez. Not only was she a total badass that was tougher than any of the guys on the ship but she had that gun – that crazy machine gun that she barely had to carry because it had a freaking arm attached to it! Genius!
It wasn’t until I went to film school that I realized that the gun was probably some sort of Steadicam rig, which made me admire it on a different level. When I finally saw what Nick Chen, Staff Writer for The Firearms Blog, had done, I was thrilled. He made the Steadicam gun of sci-fi lore a reality when it was reposted on Instagram millions of times. As with all the content you see on social media these days it was initially hard to know who made it. Eventually I was able to track down Solscud007, Chen’s IG alias.
At first, he told me that he had already written about the gun for TFB in the articles here and here, so interest seemed


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