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By Virginia Kruta

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Last week, shots rang out in a Louisiana movie theater. In the hours that followed, while law enforcement officers attempted to gain control of the situation and begin to investigate, opportunists pounced.

While locals and their friends and family took to social media to offer updates and check the status of others, the agenda driven on both sides of the aisle began to craft their narratives. Scattered amongst prayers for those involved, Twitter was littered with demands for stricter gun control, and criticisms of gun-free zones.

Buzzfeed news editor Rachel Zarrell immediately called for gun control, saying, “Don’t pray. Push for gun control.”

Former Congressman Allen West noted that more people were killed Thursday in Baltimore, and questioned the soft bigotry that makes two dead white people in a movie theater a national headline while the blacks who were shot in Baltimore hardly even rate local coverage.

With no repercussions for error it’s more profitable to be first than to be correct.


Many conservatives fought back against demands for more gun control laws by pointing out the fact that most mass shootings happen where gun control is the tightest (gun-free zones) and are usually perpetrated by …read more

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