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By Tom Knighton

There’s a pattern to how things go when it comes to guns, by and large. Politicians from the larger, urban centers back gun control while the more rurally-based politicians oppose it. There are exceptions, but that’s how it usually shakes out.

That’s at least partially because urban voters see the outcome of violence and think restricting the tools of that violence is a good idea, while rural voters tend to live in a world where help could be an hour or more away. There’s more there, but that kind of sums up at least part of the talking points to bear in mind.

Regardless of why, though, urban center politicians usually back the same gun control measures their voters do.

Yet the sheriff of New Mexico’s most populace county, Bernalillo County, clearly doesn’t.

The sheriff in New Mexico‘s most populous county is joining colleagues from more rural areas in pushing back against sweeping gun-control proposals pending before the state Legislature.

Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales said Friday he would support a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County.”

A dozen other counties have already passed sanctuary resolutions, including neighboring Sandoval and Valencia counties.

Bernalillo County is the home of Albuquerque, for the record.

Gonzales said there are …Read the Rest

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