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By Tom Knighton

It was bound to happen. The Brady Bunch found a handful of victims of the Las Vegas shooting and convinced them that a lawsuit should be filed against Slide Fire, the manufacturer of the bump-fire stock used in the deadly attack. The fact that Slide Fire did nothing illegal or unethical is irrelevant, of course.

Plaintiffs filed a complaint in Clark County District Court, alleging that bump stock manufacturers were irresponsible in selling and producing the devices, Bloomberg reported.

Three Nevada residents are plaintiffs in the case, which is seeking unspecified damages to pay for victims’ counseling.

Slide Fire is one of the bump stock manufacturers named in the complaint, which also mentions several unnamed retailers who sold the devices.

Every. Single. Time.

These ghouls simply can’t help themselves, can they? There’s a tragedy like this, and they swoop in like vultures to convince the victims or victims’ families that they should file a lawsuit to teach the firearms industry a lesson.

Perhaps these families should find out what happened to the last folks the Brady Campaign urged to file a lawsuit against the gun industry.

That’s especially likely considering this bit:

“This horrific assault did not occur, could not occur, and …Read the Rest

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