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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Serious Glass For the Serious Hunter - Styrka's S9 Binoculars
Serious Glass For the Serious Hunter – Styrka’s S9 Binoculars

Eagan, MN-( Serious hunting requires serious binoculars. Binoculars that can reach out even in the morning gloom. Binoculars that draw in enough light to keep you in the deer stand those all-important extra 15 minutes in the evening. And binoculars that can shrug off extreme weather conditions.

Styrka built the S9 models with those very dedicated hunters in mind, people who spend many, many hours afield in search of that trophy. To customize their glass to their specific hunting requirements, Styrka gave these hunters three models of the S9’svto choose from.

  • For all-around hunting and viewing, the Styrka S9 8×42’s provide a wide field of view and exceptional light-gathering ability. A top choice for hunting the deep forests and thick swamps.
  • Need to see out a bit further with a greater amount of detail? Styrka’s S9 10×42 is the perfect fit for places like the Texas Hill Country where brushy draws give way to open hillsides.
  • Meantime, the Styrka S9 15×56 is perfect for hunting the wide open spaces of our Western States, where you may have to spot that trophy bull elk or mulie buck a mile away-or more!

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