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By Christen Smith

A couple in Tampa say police should reward them for providing the security camera footage used to help catch a serial killer roving the city’s Seminole Heights neighborhood last month.
Patrick Holliday told Channel 8 News the McDonalds employee — Delonda Walker — who handed over 24-year-old Howell Emanuel Donaldson III’s gun to cops Nov. 28 wouldn’t have suspected him without the surveillance video Holliday shared with the public in October.
“The time stamp (showing the man) going one way agreed with the time stamp going the other way, with the murder in between. So that was a good indication that was something right there,” Holliday told the news station Monday. “I think we provided more (information) than the average person. McDonald’s wouldn’t have suspected him at all, and (wouldn’t have) teased him about looking like the killer, so I think our video played a very important role.”
Holliday said he checked his security camera after his wife spotted a man running past their house on the evening of Oct. 9, just moments after reports of shots fired nearby. When a review of the footage revealed the same man walking in the opposite direction — toward the bus stop where the first victim, 22-year-old Benjamin


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