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By John Farnam

Glock Load Indicators Stick Out G42

By John Farnam

Glock Load Indicators Stick Out
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

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A good friend and maker of kydex holsters recently sent us an IWB appendix holster for Vicki’s Glock G42 pistol.

It was wonderfully made, but would not allow smooth re-holstering. The problem was that Glock has put a block on the forward edge of the G42’s extractor that serves as a tactile “loaded-chamber indicator.”

When the pistol is unloaded, it re-holsters smoothly, because the loaded-chamber indicator is depressed. But, when loaded, the loaded-chamber indicator is elevated, because there is a round chambered. The elevated block then hits the edge of the holster and prevents quick and smooth re-holstering.

Of course, we don’t holster empty guns, so this problem became evident to us immediately!

Plastic models used by the holster-maker to construct the G42 holster were modeled after an empty pistol, so the holster-maker did not notice the issue at the factory.

“Loaded-chamber indicators” take several forms. S&W’s M&P uses a visual peep-hole. Springfield Armory’s XD’s version …Read the Rest

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