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By Salvatore

Carrying a loaded handgun on your person is no trivial matter. People who are new to this endeavor typically have some understandable anxiety. I have also seen far too many experienced carriers become careless, as they often become so accustomed to carrying a gun that they forget to strictly abide by proper safety measures. The reality is that a handgun is a very dangerous tool, but it can be carried on your body in a perfectly safe manner as long as you are willing to build the appropriate habits into your daily routine.

Use a Good Holster and Belt

Before going any further with the discussion of how to safely carry your handgun we need to address two pieces of gear that are a must: a properly designed holster and a good gun belt. If you don’t want to invest in these two pieces of gear my advice is to re-consider carrying a gun. To safely carry a handgun on your person the weapon needs to ride in a holster made out of kydex or leather that is form fitted to the individual firearm model. The generic one-size-fits-all holsters do not safely retain a handgun, and holsters made out of cloth materials …Read the Rest

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