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By Dave Workman

Sen. Amy Klobuchar gets an editorial nod in Seattle, but gun owners shake their heads. (Screen snip, YouTube, NBC)

U.S.A.-( The traditionally anti-gun-rights Seattle Times has endorsed Minnesota Democrat Sen. Amy Klobuchar in advance of Washington State’s March 10 primary, and like every other candidate in the race, she’s got a gun control scheme that appears based on a misunderstanding of what the Second Amendment is all about.

As reported by ABC News on Feb. 7, “For Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., judging gun control legislation is about what would ‘hurt [her] Uncle Dick in the deer stand,’ a perspective that comes from her state’s value of the outdoors, including hunting and fishing…”

But Second Amendment activists, in the Pacific Northwest, Minnesota and anywhere else on the map have been insisting for many years the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is not for protection against rogue whitetail bucks, but against tyranny. It’s about defending one’s home and heartland, not about hunting. Her chances of winning the nomination appear somewhere between zero and not-at-all with Democrat Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders running well ahead of the pack following his smashing win in Nevada. Heading into South Carolina, …Read the Rest

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