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By Tom Knighton

When the Heller decision was handed down, followed quickly after by the McDonald decision, it seemed like a banner time for the Second Amendment. While neither of these cases went as far as I would have liked with regard to our gun rights, they did move the needle closer toward freedom and send a clear signal to the anti-gun jihadists that our rights cannot go away just because they want really, really badly.

But since thing, the Supreme Court has been notoriously silent on gun cases. They’ve rejected a number of great opportunities to continue to expand gun rights, include one challenging the Maryland assault weapon ban.

It seemed like the Court wasn’t ever going to get back to anything that remotely involved the Second Amendment.

Then, on Tuesday, all that changed.

The court said Tuesday it will hear a challenge to New York City’s strict rules for carrying legally owned guns outside the home.

New York city gun owners and the local affiliate of the National Rifle Association are challenging laws that ban owners from transporting guns out of city limits, not even to practice facilities and second homes outside the city. Even within New York, owners are only allowed to …Read the Rest

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