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By Dean Weingarten

NAU School Shooting Steven Jones

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( The incident widely reported as a rampage ‘school shooting’ in Arizona may have been legitimate self defense. If you look closely at the photograph, it is clear that Steven Jones suffered some blows to the head. His lower lip is swollen, and you can see abrasions on it and one to the his right below the lip. There is also a abrasion just to his left and above his left eyebrow. It appears that Jones had legal possession of the Glock pistol. It would have been legal for him to have carried it in his car in Arizona.


Jones, 18, claimed he and two friends were first attacked and beaten outside an apartment complex in the Oct. 9 incident and then chased to his car by another group of students who shouted obscenities and threatened to kill them

But the surviving victims and other witnesses told varying stories that corroborated some of Jones’ statements and contradicted others.

Jones, who wept during police interviews, claimed he got his Glock pistol from the car and told the pursuers, who were then surrounding his friends, that he …Read the Rest

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