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By Justin Stakes

Justice Antonin Scalia in the Crowd

by Dr. Caleb Verbois

Justice Antonin Scalia in the Crowd
The Center For Vision & Values
The Center For Vision & Values

Grove City, PA -( I had the great privilege to hear Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia speak on three separate occasions and once to meet him in person after hearing him announce a decision.

You can learn a lot about someone by reading his or her work, but some things have to be seen to be fully understood. Scalia was known for his public role as an associate justice and a staunch originalist. But he should be appreciated for much more than that—as a man with a genuinely wonderful sense of humor, as a man who loved his family, and who loved God. However, most of us only really know Scalia through his public work on the Supreme Court, and his insightful, sometimes biting opinions.

Scalia was an originalist but he was very careful to define what he meant by that.

To understand the Constitution as an originalist did not mean reading it strictly, or narrowly, or as a Republican—it meant recognizing that the Constitution was written by 18th century men …Read the Rest

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