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The state of South Carolina provides many attractions for visitors from around the world. From the mountainous reaches of the Upstate region to the beaches of the Low Country, the Palmetto State plays host to a robust tourism industry. But how do gun laws apply?

Those visiting tourist venues in South Carolina (both in-state and out-of-state visitors) can expect to share space with those carrying concealed weapons in some spots. It is legal in the state to carry a concealed weapon such as a handgun, provided that the owner has a permit issued by the state. Rifles and shotguns are legal, but can only be carried during hunting seasons and must not be loaded — and must not be carried in designated areas.South Carolina gun laws have big repercussions for those who do not obey the law as stated by Newsmax. Here are some South Carolina laws applicable to tourist areas, such as beaches, sports venues and schools.

1. For sports fans, South Carolina is a state that is not gun friendly at sporting events. South Carolina’s concealed weapon laws prohibit firearms at both schools and universities. That means that guns are not allowed at interscholastic sports events and college …read more

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