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Keith Glasscock is one of America’s greatest F-Class shooters, as well as a highly respected wind coach. A High Master, Keith finished second overall at the 2021 NRA F-Class Long Range Championship in F-Open division. He also finished second at the 2020 F-Open Nationals, and second at the 2019 F-Open Nationals. His consistency is unrivaled, which means he definitely knows the secrets of competition shooting and loading ultra-accurate ammo. Recently Keith has started PRS/NRL competition, bringing his shooting skills to those popular tactical disciplines.
Keith has a great YouTube Channel with new content every week. On Keith’s Winning in the Wind channel, Keith offers 190+ informative videos on a wide range of topics including wind reading, reloading, component selection, load development, and training. For today’s Video Showcase, we offer four of our favorite Keith Glasscock videos. Each video has important points that can benefit any competitive rifle shooter, whether you shoot in local 100-yard fun matches or compete at the National Level in F-Class, LR Benchrest, Palma, or High Power.
How to Reduce Extreme Spread (ES) and Standard Deviation (SD)

Having minimal Extreme Spread (ES) does not necessarily guaranteed optimal accuracy. Some PPC shooters accept a relatively high ES for a load that

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