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The Kimber R7 Mako Pistol was the NRA Shooting Illustrated magazine 2022 Handgun of the Year.
Millions of Americans now exercise their Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms”, specifically to carry a pistol for personal protection and home defense. In response to the rapid growth of the CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) market, numerous gun-makers have introduced compact handguns specifically designed for concealed carry. These “Carry Guns” tend to be smaller, lighter, with smoother, rounded edges on slide and frame. Today, many modern carry guns are also “Optics Ready”, meaning they have slides that can accept smaller red dot sights. And some companies are now selling handguns with the optics pre-installed.
For today’s Saturday video showcase, we feature five videos covering a wide range of popular semi-automatic carry guns. You find offerings from Beretta, Glock, HK, Kahr, Kimber, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, Walther and more. In addition, we’ve included a video that covers the pros and cons of installing optics on carry pistols. Finally, as a bonus, we’ve included a video that highlights five handguns that you may want to avoid, as they have not lived up to expectations.
Top Ten Best Carry Pistols for the Money

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