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PRS and NRL tactical matches are now among the most popular competitive rifle disciplines in the USA. And rimfire tactical disciplines are actually growing faster than centerfire PRS/NRL because .22 LR ammo is way cheaper than centerfire ammo, and there are many more ranges where rimfire matches can be held. NRL22 and PRS Rimfire offers the same kind of fun without the high cost of centerfire ammo and the time-consuming burden of hand-loading. You can compete successfully in .22 LR rimfire precision disciplines with affordable rifles, which also offer a whole lot less recoil. To learn more, we recommend you read All About Precision Rimfire Competition, by Shooting Sports USA Editor John Parker.
Interview with NRL22 Founder Travis Ishida

This Vortex Nation video features an 80-minute interview with Travis Ishida, one of the original founders of the NRL22 and NRL22-X disciplines. Travis told us that the NRL now runs 7-8 times as many rimfire matches as centerfire matches.
The NRL22 2023 World Championship — Biggest Match of Its Kind

The NRL22 Championship took place in North Carolina in July 2023 and was the biggest match of its kind to date, with over 230 competitors from all over the world. Watch this video to see

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