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Rimfire .22 LR pistols are great training guns for both novice and seasoned shooters. The minimal recoil and reduced muzzle rise of .22 LR pistols makes them easy to handle, and fast to get back on target. This allows novices to build their basic pistol skills, and helps seasoned competitors upgrade their performance. Even experienced centerfire handgun shooters can improve their skills by cross-training with .22 LR pistols.
Today’s Saturday Showcase features 7 videos covering a large selection of rimfire pistols. Along with these video reviews, serious shoppers should read some articles on the web. Pew Pew Tactical has a good online article that’s definitely worth reading: 9 Best .22 LR Handguns. As the author notes: “Every gun owner should own at least one .22 LR firearm. The ammo is ubiquitous, and affordable at around 5 cents a round.” And BackFire TV has published another good article covering eight popular .22 LR handguns.
Taurus TX 22 Competition — Optics-Ready

The TaurusTX™ 22 Competition model is built on the same full-size polymer receiver as the Taurus TX 22 but has a newly engineered slide and barrel assembly designed to work with red dot optics. The Taurus TX 22 Competition features a “skeletonized” slide with

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