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We enjoy shooting steel targets with rifle, pistols, and shotguns. Hitting a steel target provides instant gratification with a loud “ping” and possible movement. You can shoot small, low-cost reactive steel targets with rimfire guns at short range. Or get the stronger high-grade AR500 steel targets for centerfire shooting at 50 yards and beyond. We’ve enjoyed varmint matches with steel targets placed at 100-yard intervals from 200 to 700 yards.
Action pistol and rifle matches are typically conducted with steel targets, some that spin, and others that may even be set on moving tracks. Dueling trees are another popular type of steel targets. These have multiple plates that swing horizontally from side to side. For long-range rifles, self-resetting targets are popular. These typically have a tombstone-style steel plate set with a spring-loaded base. When hit, the target goes down, but then pops back up again after a few seconds.
Dustin Ellermann’s Steel Target Playground

In this video, popular Top Shot champion Dustin Ellerman shows his entire Steel Target facility with dozens of targets. This range has one of the most diverse collections of steel targets in any single location.
Know Your Limits Portable Steel Targets

Know Your Limits (KYL) target sets typically provide a series

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