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Spring Groundhog Hunting — Fun and Challenging
Springtime is the right time for groundhog hunting in the Northeast USA. Groundhog hunting is both fun and challenging. In today’s Saturday Showcase, we feature three videos showing successful groundhog hunts. Then there is a video about checking your equipment and verifying your varmint rifle zero.
We’ve even included a good video offering cooking tips for groundhog/woodchuck.* Yes groundhog meat can be quite savory — used in stews, sandwiches, or tacos. Last but not least we’ve included a section on groundhog shooting matches. These are fun matches with paper and/or steel groundhog targets.
Groundhog Hunt Report — Successful Stalk and Shoot

Here’s a great video showing successful groundhog hunts. This covers the process of spotting and tracking groundhogs on farmlands. Woodchucks are sensitive creatures that get easily spooked. This video shows that groundhog hunters need patience and skill, plus an accurate rifle.
Groundhog Hunting on the Family Farm with .17 HMR

In this video, the host employs his CZ 457 rifle chambered in .17 HMR to hunt groundhogs on his farm. This young shooter has 280 videos on his popular YouTube Channel with other groundhog shooting videos that show how to stalk groundhogs successfully. They go to ground

Source: Accurate Shooter

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