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New Rifles to Be Featured at SHOT Show 2024
Though some manufacturers introduce new rifles mid-year, many officially launch new rifles at SHOT Show each January, though often with late fall previews before the actual show. There have been some very innovative rifles introduced recently, including the Nosler Carbon Chassis Hunter shown above and the new PWS UXR featured in a separate article.
In today’s Saturday Showcase, we feature seven videos that cover a huge variety of rifle types — from air rifles to long-range, large-caliber ELR rigs. The first video below covers 11 different rifles, and the other six videos cover more than two dozen other rifles. Watching these videos is a good way to see a host of different rifle options in a short period of time.
11 New/Recent Rifles with Factory Promo Videos

This videos features new offerings from Mossberg, Benelli, Stag Arms, Bergara, and more. There’s also the return of a classic, the Marlin 336.Rifles listed in this video (with video times):

0:40 Marlin 336 Classic
1:18 Franchi Momentum Elite EDC
2:13 Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical
3:07 Benelli Lupo Walnut
4:00 Blaser R8 (Ball & Buck X)
4:42 Browning X-Bolt Speed
5:26 Beretta B14 Squared Crest
6:25 Mossberg Patriot Predator
7:18 Bergara Wilderness Carbon Barrel
7:58 Stag Arms Pursuit
8:50 Nosler

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